‘Sometimes I find a composition of things on the street or in the woods somewhere; stones, pieces of plastic or branches for example, with a certain combination of colours or shapes, that is so perfect that, I think it must be art. That random and coincidental perfection, that realness is what interests me the most. And it’s what I’m searching for in my work; the thin line between fake and real, natural and man-made, created and originated. Pierre Huyges once said that nature doesn’t know that it’s nature. I would like to add that sometimes nature doesn’t know that it’s art either.’

Sanne van Gent (NL 1985) studied fine art at the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam and at the University of Plymouth. In search of the blurred line between results of natural processes and human activities, Sanne shows an often absurd hybrid world; half culture, half nature. She lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her work consists of collages and three-dimensional works, often site specific, that combine found elements with self-made elements.  Her work was widely exhibited in galleries and project spaces in the Netherlands (e.g. Pictura 1774, Dordrecht, Buro Dijkstra Rotterdam, Lokaal01 Breda and Upominki) as well as other countries (e.g.Centro del Carmen in Valencia and das Klohäuschen, Munich). Her work is part of private collections and the collection of the CBK Rotterdam (Center for contemporary art Rotterdam).

– CV –


Sanne van Gent, Oud-Beijerland 1985. Lives and works in Rotterdam the Netherlands


2010 – 2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education, Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2006 Fine Art, University of Plymouth Exeter, UK (exchange program)

2003 – 2007 Bachelor Fine Art Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, the Netherlands



Not from here – Das klohäuschen, Munich, Germany – solo


The Research Centre for practicing Nature – Upominki Rotterdam – Duo with Johanna Weissenrieder (SE)

BOOMBOOMBANGBANGPOPPOP – Con)temporary Art Gallery Quint Hartmann

The Accidental Perfection of Nature – SingerSweatshop Rotterdam – Solo


Incubarte festival, Pintura, Centro Del Carmen, Valencia Spain

Once more, unto the breach, dear friends, once more – Lokaal01 Breda curated by Frederik Vergaert


In Real Life – De witte Slagerij, Rotterdam


Pleasure Ground I, II, III, IV – Lokaal01 Breda – curated by Frederig Vergaert


Overview 5 years bART DMT, Den Bosch

DPC2=SALONFÄHIG! – Foto-instituut, Rotterdam – curated by Harmen Verbrugge

Surreal – bART, Den Bosch


The 999,99 euro show Groupexhibition, Buro Dijkstra ArtGallery Rotterdam

Post Grad Garden, Buro Dijkstra ArtGallery Rotterdam – Solo

Eindwerk – Kunst zonder video- KunstEyssen Centrum voor Moderne Kunst, Alkmaar

Op de Drempel – Galerie de Compagnie, Dordrecht

Graduation Show Willem de Kooning Academie, Karel Doormanhof Rotterdam

Sudden Exposure – Polish Gallery Pool, Rotterdam. Curated by Stella Kostova and Harmen Verbrugge


Sparren, Pictura Dordrecht


Licht, TenT Rotterdam (groupexhibition students Willem de Kooning Academy) curated by Karin Arink


2015   Conversas Rotterdam – catalog
2014   Forget Good Magazine Spring, issue 15 – interview
2013   Once more, onto the breach, dear friends, once more – catalog
2010   Pleasure Ground – Lokaal 01 Breda – catalog
2008  Surreal bART Den Bosch – catalog
2007  BuroDijkstra Art Gallery Part I 2005 – 2008 – retrospective
Krooning ’05/’06 Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam – graduation catalog


2014  Artist Talk – Singer Sweatshop Rotterdam – ‘the accidental perfection of Nature’
Artist Talk – Conversas Rotterdam – ‘Practicing Nature’
2008  Artist Talk – SM’s Den Bosch – ‘the artificiality of Nature’
2007  Artist Talk – Pecha Kucha – Off_Corso Rotterdam


Private collections
Centrum voor Beeldende kunst Rotterdam (Center for Contemporary Art Rotterdam (CBK))